Gambling Dependency Statistics, Signs, and Stories

Gambling Dependency Statistics, Signs, and Stories

Compulsive gambling addiction is a kind of addiction that has ended up being more and more typical due to online gambling sites. Individuals that deal with a gambling dependency risk their whole lives and are even going to cheat and steal to continue supporting their practice of gambling. It is a relatively uncontrollable need that a person gets to position a bet of some sort without weighing the repercussions and unfavorable effects that it may carry their lives or others.

Gambling Addiction Statistics

  • According to gambling statistics, around 500 billion dollars are invested every year on wagers.
  • In the United State, about 2.5 percent of adults are considered issue gamblers
  • This kind of addiction is most common amongst white Americans.
  • it is frequently associated with alcohol addiction
  • People with this dependency are more vulnerable to illness such as depression and mood swing condition.
  • The divorce rate of gambler addicts is more than double that of a non-gambler.
    Gambling Addict Symptoms
    Among the most popular warning symptoms of this addiction is fixation. If you hear someone continuously raise the casinos or ways to get cash to go to the casino on a constant basis then you are probably looking at someone that has or may develop a severe gambling issue. People with gambling problems are fixated and are constantly preparing their next excursion.
  • Another sign of somebody having a gambling problem is if they appear to be increasing the wagers they position on a regular basis. Gambling resembles a drug for a compulsive gambler. They start off with a percentage, and then increase the dosage.
    Lying and alienation from family and friends is another sign that somebody might have a gambling concern. Great deals of people with gambling problems know that they have a problem and feel guilty about it. It is because of this that they feel they have to lie about their location to friends and family. They may also lie about the amount that they gamble.
    Alienation from family and friends is a big indicator that their gambling issue has established into a full-blown gambling dependency. Once someone starts doing this, you know that gambling is consuming their lives.

Gambling Stories
Many individuals out there wind up completely ruining their lives by coming down with this dependency. A great deal of times they find themselves in rejection and when they don’t have the funds and aren’t able to obtain them, to support their practice, they count on severe procedures, such as lying and thievery. If they aren’t able to obtain the funds they require that way or if they aren’t ready to take this path, they end up being irritable, mad, depressed, and in some cases suicidal.

There is a lot of addiction info on the web. It is important to educate yourself on this addiction if you feel that you or someone you enjoy may be gambling problems.
For aid on gambling addiction recuperation you may wish to search for a gamblers confidential group in your location.


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